Join us for the world's most adventurous leadership program. 

Run the Queenstown Marathon.

We deliver transformative 6-month leadership programs for people who want to grow in all areas of life, love challenges and adventure, and want to connect with like-minded people.

The Queenstown Marathon Leadership Program starts on June 4th! 

Only a few places left!


Mountains and Marathons exists to enable you to become a more healthy, fulfilled and impactful leader.

This is a leadership program like no other.  This program centres around completing the Queenstown International Marathon in New Zealand. It involves six months of physical training, mindset coaching and community support. 
This program is your opportunity to be bold, to challenge yourself and to become someone you did not think you could be.


You receive world-class individualised coaching from elite running and mountaineering coaches and nutritionists. Our team will prepare you for the Queenstown Marathon and help you to reach a new level of physical fitness, vitality and balance.


Your tailored mindset coaching builds upon the physical training. It follows an evidence-based methodology that enables you to develop as a leader and create more fulfilment in areas of life that are important to you.


You become part of a community of like-minded people who are committed to being extraordinary entrepreneurs and leaders. You will support each other, develop life-long connections and unite through the challenges of your shared journey.

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Included in your 6-month Queenstown Marathon Leadership Program:

Individualised marathon coaching from a world-class coach 

Fortnightly individual mindset coaching sessions and group video calls

Nutrition coaching for high performance, holistic health and wellbeing

6-day Rite of Passage Leadership Retreat centred around running the Queenstown Marathon in New Zealand

Everything taken care of during the Event: Wholesome food, private accommodation, transport etc.

Your marathon registration

Lifetime access to the private Mountains and Marathons online community for support between members and coaches


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Life Mastery and Performance

Relationship and Connection

Vision and Purpose

Conscious Living

Adventure and Play

Program Outcomes

Increase your overall life satisfaction by improving your physical, mental and emotional fitness.
This program is your playground to discover how you can create more adventure and play in your everyday life.
Become deeply connected to your sense of purpose and your vision for yourself, your community and the world.
Be part of a team of like-minded people bringing their best selves to the world and providing support and accountability throughout the program.
Become profoundly connected to nature and the traditional culture of New Zealand.

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